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Trauma Devices

Plate and screw system

A plate and screw anchoring system is used for the surgical treatment of fractures, bone dislocation and osteotomy.

The plate supports the damaged bone by being placed on the fracture site. The plate and screw ensure rigid anchoring with the bone after surgery.

Teijin Nakashima Medical offers a wide range of plate and screw systems to address a large variety of fracture sites.

Locking screws that allow the rigid anchoring are available. Surgeons can choose the best screws for each case.

What are “Trauma Devices” ?

Trauma devices include metallic plates, screws, and intramedullary nails that are used to temporarily knit fractured or dislocated bones or hallux valguses. They are removed after fusion.

There are various kinds of devices depending on the specific case.

What are “Teijin Nakashima Medical’s Trauma Devices” ?

These trauma devices are artificial materials that aim to reset bones damaged by fracture or dislocation.
By assisting the wounded parts with trauma devices, weakened parts are securely immobilized, providing the prospect of a quicker recovery.
Teijin Nakashima Medical makes trauma devices in various sizes suited to the bone configuration of Japanese people, and they can be fitted to fractures most anywhere on the body. The devices are also shaped to the indicated site, which helps bones to mend faster.

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