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Oct. 29, 2021

Teijin Nakashima Medical to Acquire Otsuka’s Spine and Trauma Business Group Company

Teijin Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd. announced today that it has agreed to acquire and take over the spine and trauma (fracture) business of KiSCO Co., Ltd., owned by Otsuka Holdings group’s Otsuka Medical Devices Co., Ltd..
Teijin Nakashima Medical will assume spine and trauma (fracture) business and management of KiSCO on the 1st day of February 2022.

The purpose of this agreement is to further accelerate the growth of the business by taking over the products and human resources of KiSCO, which has strengths in the spine and trauma (fracture) fields, expanding its product lineup, and strengthening its development and sales infrastructure.

We will take this acquisition of the products and human resources as a driving force for further growth and aim to expand sales by capturing the increasing demand for orthopedic implants due to the aging population.

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